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End Game

The end of the round is nigh.
The key price scaling equation will increase by a factor of 1000. Keys that cost a $1 yesterday, are now $1,000.
Do you take the chance? If you win, you'll earn $2.5m.
$1,000 into $2,500,000... That's a 2,500x on your purchase if you win - Guaranteed.
Will someone buy a key after you? Not many people could afford to, right?
If the game continues at this point, the pot will double in 5 days, quadruple in 10...
Now the pots worth $10m... A 10,000x for your single key buy...
Will one lucky winner take home the prize, or will the whales fight for the pot and shower us all in dividends?
Who knows, all we know, is the end is nigh...