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The $LUCKY Token

The $LUCKY Token works on a dividends-from-a-service model ubiquitous in cryptocurrency today. Purchasing $LUCKY tokens is equivalent to acquiring shares in a business, and receiving dividends instantaneously from all of the ecosystems revenue sources.
We delegate all responsibility for price management, taxation and token distribution away from human administration and transfer them to immutable smart-contracts; the $LUCKY token is a trustless autonomous currency that will run itself independently without human intervention.
Plus everyone’s favorite bit, dividends.
$LUCKY brings the real world concept of dividends (a payment from the revenue of a company to shareholders). Whilst real-world dividends are managed by entire financial divisions and distributed by quarter or annually, we offer real time dividends as and when revenue is generated from token acquisitions, sales or via our games.
$LUCKY showcases the use of tokens to track participants, allocating shares of revenue autonomously, while also distributing that share of revenue instantaneously.