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Staking, NFTs, Staking Boosts

$LUCKY Staking

$LUCKY token holders are able to stake their tokens earning additional $LUCKY for locking their tokens within our staking contract whilst still receiving dividends from the token and games.
Below is a table of the representative APR one can expect to receive based on how much $LUCKY is staked in total by all users within the pool.
Users are able to boost their APRs - See NFT Staking boosts and Staking Partnerships below.
% Supply Staked
Amount of Token Staked By Users


Although our $LUCKY staking pool is flexible, enabling you to withdraw your tokens at any time, we apply a 2% performance fee on all yield earnt i.e. the 2% fee only applies to staking rewards claimed.
An additional 1% early unstaking fee is applied to those who decide to unstake within 72 hours. This 1% applies to their staked quantity.
All $LUCKY collected via staking fees is immediately burnt, further reducing the $LUCKY supply.

Token Emissions

Assuming no changes to our ongoing rate of emissions (0.015 $LUCKY per block) and the staking contracts pool of 450,000 $LUCKY, this gives us an approximate runway of 3 years, before the circulating supply reaches the proposed max cap.
We are here to build for the long-term, and this principle underpins our tokenomics.

Overview of Calculations

Initial $LUCKY tokens available to Public
Number of blocks per year
Number of $LUCKY emitted per block
Number of $LUCKY emitted per year
10,512,000 * 0.015 = 157,680 $LUCKY
Runway ( Staking contract / annual emission )
450,000 / 157,680 = 2.85 Years
So based on our Staking emissions we expect the token to reach maximum supply over the course of ~3 years. During this time revenue generated via token transactions and Lucky Games, will be used to acquire and burn $LUCKY, resulting in a max supply below 1,000,000.

NFT Staking Boost

The team will frequently host NFT sales. Users who hold an NFT in their wallet will receive a 5% boost to their Staking APR for each unique NFT they hold from each collection.
i.e. a user who buys 3 NFTs from the same collection will only receive a 5% boost, but a user who buys 3 NFTs from 3 different collections would receive a 15% boost to their APR.
Funds raised from these are used to support further growth and development of the $LUCKY ecosystem.

Staking Partnerships

In addition to NFT staking boosts, we have the capability to boost APRs for stakers based on them holding another token from a partner project.
We will be looking for partnerships with different projects across the cryptosphere. These future partnerships will be listed here as well as announced on our main socials.
If you're a project owner that would like to partner with us, reach out to a team member.